Wednesday, April 30, 2014

90 x 100 cm

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  1. From:

    Dear Kristine,

    Greetings from New York! Recently, we were familiarized with your work online. After reviewing it, we would like to discuss with you an opportunity of a solo exhibition.

    Our space ARTIFACT is located on the Lower East Side -- the fastest growing art district in Manhattan with over 120 art galleries It is next to the New York landmark Tenement Museum and a short walk from the New Museum -- the most dynamic museum of contemporary art in New York City. ARTIFACT is a ground floor space with a dramatic exposure to a busy pedestrian traffic, which allows us to exhibit the remarkable work of artists like you in a gallery with a maximum capacity for proper presentation, promotion, marketing and sales.

    ARTIFACT exhibits the work of emerging and established artists. During a three-week solo exhibition the gallery covers essential expenses related to the exhibition space, installation, gallery infrastructure, printing and mailing of invitations and an opening reception. To further promote exhibitions, artists consider basic marketing options they can afford, including an exhibition catalog at just $15 per book. Artists cover expenses related to shipping to and from the gallery.

    Shall you decide that our space is an appropriate venue for your possible exhibition, we certainly would be pleased to consider it. For more information please visit,
    our Facebook page or this video

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    Best regards,
    Martin Bernstein

    84 Orchard St.
    NY NY 10002
    212 475 0448