Thursday, April 28, 2016

The present somehow brings me back in time
And makes me remember how it was,
And all the feelings I have forgot
- All the first time's...
The first scream, the first laugh, the first smile
Growing up ...
The joy of the first bike ride
The sense of the hanger for the first time
The shyness after the first kiss, after alle the first kisses
Alle the first times ...
Just hanging in the tress wishing to be picked and peeled
Like an option who can not fail
Now ...
- All the scars, all the smiles, all the kindness I have meet
Has opned my heart
And there is no fearfulness for new beginnings - like there used to be
I trust ...
Trust that everything is ment to be
And when I bring in my best effort
Everything is all right - everything is right ...

I remember now how it is ...

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